Laboratory Service

We have developed inkjet, EHD (drop on demand, near field electrospinning), dispenser and laser sintering R&D equipment.
We can support experiment and test for various industry and R&D purpose using our equipment.

잉크젯, EHD등 다양한 실험 및 보고서 관련 서비스를 제공합니다.

잉크젯 관련 보유 장비: 점도계, 표면 장력계, Wet Station, Spin-coater, 진공오븐,
UV Lamp, Hot Plate, Surface profiler, 광학 현미경 등.

Drop watcher system

  • Drop watcher (for microfab head)
  • Contact angle measurement
  • Printing capability

IR & pulse UV laser system

  • Laser sintering and ablation capability
  • CAD file compatibility (dxf file)
  • Built-in CAD software

Dispenser system

  • Non-contact type dispenser
  • 3-D printing capability
  • Bitmap & vector printing
  • CAD supported)
  • Drop visualization using strobe

Inkjet printing system for R&D purpose

  • Inkjet printing system for various R&D purpose
  • Drop watcher
  • Substrate heating
  • Head temperature control
  • Bitmap & vector printing using CAD based information

Drop watcher (SG1024 from Dimatix)

  • Drop visualization for SG1024
  • Jetting monitoring using self-sensing signal
  • Verification for self-sensing monitoring

EHD system (drop on demand, electrospinning)
with green laser sintering

  • EHD drop on demand (fine patterning)
  • Near field electrospinning
  • Electro-spray
  • Laser sintering capability

Printing system for R&D purpose

  • Inkjet printing system for various purpose
  • Bitmap & vector printing
  • Drop watcher system
  • Printing algorithm verification

Multi-function printing system

  • EHD drop on demand (fine patterning)
  • Near field electrospinning
  • Electro-spray
  • Inkjet printing capability
  • Two material simultaneous printing capability
  • Laser sintering capability