Reasearch & Development


Drop visualization

  • Jetting visualization of inkjet and EHD jet
  • Drop formation measurement
  • High speed camera & strobe LED visualization
  • Droplet drying measurement on substrate

Self-sensing measurement for inkjet head
monitoring for multi-head & SG1024 head

  • High speed inkjet jet failure detection of head with 1024 nozzles
  • Inkjet jetting reliability solution for industry purpose
  • Drop visualization system for SG1024
  • Ink supply system for SG1024 (circulation)

Laser sintering and ablation for printed electronics applications

  • In-situ laser sintering after printing
  • Built-in CAD for printing and sintering
  • IR laser, UV laser, 532 nm laser for sintering or ablation (CW and pulsed laser)

New jetting mechanism and applications

  • Hybrid EHD (electrohydrodynamic jet)
    printing (drop on demand +continuous jet printing)
  • Built-in CAD for various
  • E-spray, E-spinning (near field electrospinning)
  • Two head (Two material) simultaneous printing
  • High viscous ink printing