Reasearch & Development


Continuous inkjet printing

  • Continuous inkjet mechanism and its jetting physics
  • Jet visualization
  • CIJ printing equipment
  • CIJ printing of functional materials


Drop on demand inkjet (printing and application)

  • Drop visualization
  • Jetting monitoring via piezo self sensing
  • Direct printing of color contact lens using inkjet printer

3D printing for Bio application
(collaboration with Prof. 황용성)

  • 3 scaffold printing
  • Melt-electrospinning
  • Near-field electrospinning

Direct printing for communication applications
(collaboration with Prof. 안달)

  • High viscous conductive ink printing
  • Fine pattern methods using high viscous ink
  • High aspect ratio and low resistivity

Laser sintering and ablation for printed electronics applications

  • In-situ laser sintering after printing
  • Built-in CAD for printing and sintering
  • IR laser, UV laser, 532 nm laser for sintering or ablation (CW and pulsed laser)

3D surface/3D printing for industrial application

  • Printing method along 3D surface
  • 3D printing system (equipment)
  • 3D printing algorithm
  • Non-flat surface printing